My weekend in pictures

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter!

I thought I’d have some fun and do a visual recap of my weekend.

So, let’s jump to it…

I’m officially registered for my second marathon! The Boy won’t be running this (on account of his retirement from running and all), but… my uncle and his (AWESOME) girlfriend will be there with me.

That's it! I'm registered!
That’s it! I’m registered!

Juice for lunch! This juice really really surprised me. I threw together a bunch of things that I really was not expecting to work mostly because they were starting to go bad. But, much to my surprise it worked! Yummy juice!

Pepper Surprise Juice

What you’ll need

  • 2 handfuls baby carrots
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 large bunch kale
  • 5 oranges
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1/2 tablespoon Spirulina


  • Pour Spirulina in bottom of pitcher
  • Juice all ingredients
  • Pour through sifter to remove clumps
  • And, enjoy!
Pepper Surprise Juice
Lunch in liquid form

The Boy is not amused by my picture taking… 😉

Oh that baby
My Man…and his hand!

Sangria?! Yes please!

Red sangria... Yum!
Red sangria… Yum!

Leaving Haven at House of Blues Orlando. They were actually quite good!

Leaving Haven
Leaving Haven

Soulswitch at House of Blues. Loved their set!


Traverser. Last band of the night. Note to self: I’m getting too old for concerts. I got so sleepy! 😉 Luckily they were good and kept me awake.


The girls and I at the show.

The girls! I love these ladies! From left: me, Annie, Michelle, and Kim.
The girls! I love these ladies! From left: me, Annie, Michelle, and Kim.

Easter lunch at Cracker Barrel. I ordered breakfast and it was delicious! Multiberry pancakes with sausage and eggs.

Multiberry pancake breakfast
Multiberry pancake breakfast

My parents! Can you believe they are coming up on their 32nd wedding anniversary?!

Mom and dad
My crazy and adorable parents

The Easter Bunny brought me a bag of Jelly Belly in my “basket”. We enjoyed all of them except for black licorice. Yuck! Not sure how they all ended up on mom’s phone, but hey…at least I didn’t have to eat them.

Black licorice. Yuck!
Black licorice. Yuck!

Sunday night dinner. A tasty and ginormous salad, comprised of: romaine lettuce, avocado, apple, orange, carrots, feta cheese, chia seeds, mango salsa, and a sprinkling of pink salt.

Yummy salad
Yummy salad

Question of the day

How did you spend your Easter Sunday?

5 thoughts on “My weekend in pictures

  1. Breakfast food is always good 🙂
    and yuck black licorice is not so yummy.!
    SOunds like you had a great weekend girl.! mine was not as exciting, but I did get Sunday off and I enjoyed it with my family


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