Great day for a not so great run

Happy Saturday!

Today is a great day for a not so great run! But first…

Yesterday too was a great day! Nothing to complain about and it was a rather productive day! I’m not terribly proud of my food intake yesterday. One of the girls brought in Hole in One Donuts- I had a strawberry frosted for breakfast.

For lunch, one of our vendors brought in Olde Town Pizzeria– I had a slice of Chicago style deep-dish, two slivers of thin crust pizza (the thin crust pizzas are cut into very tiny sections), and a ton of strawberry walnut salad. This salad and its’ dressing are so sweet that it ends up tasting like dessert. It’s delicious though!

The Boy and I always do Friday Night Date Night. I couldn’t figure out what I was in the mood for, so after listing just about every restaurant in the Brandon, FL area, the only thing that really stuck out was Chick-Fil-A. That’s kind of weird for me! But, that’s where we went. I had a cobb salad with avocado lime ranch dressing and a small order of fries.

Cobb salad from Chick-Fil-A
Cobb salad from Chick-Fil-A

I was so excited to see Furious 7, and it did not disappoint! Ohmigosh! It was so good! I may be biased though because I love everything about the entire franchise (except for Tokyo drift, but c’mon… 😉 ). I won’t give away any spoilers, but the memorial they did for Paul Walker…Wow! It was very nice and touching.

Movie time selfie
Movie time selfie

The Boy has to work today, and we have a concert to go to tonight in Orlando. I dropped him off at work and will pick him up later so that we can just head straight there. I figured since was downtown I would get my run in. I was looking forward to it but my body just wasn’t feeling it today. I woke up feeling kind of stuffy, and during the run I was having a hard time breathing. It didn’t help that it was already so humid out at 9:30. I planned to get in close to 4 miles but ended it at one- it just wasn’t feeling right. But, you can’t win them all!

I stopped by my parents house to take Smoke out for a practice run. He also wasn’t feeling it today. Poor guy! We will get there though. I need to find a harness-type thing for him and a new leash. I don’t like what we’re currently practicing with.

My plans now are to juice my lunch and get in some yoga, but first how about some randomness…

This had me cracking up! Mostly because I had to learn that the hard way.


Note to self: if you are at Wawa getting coffee do NOT shake your sugar packets. They most likely have a hole and will spill sugar all over you. Yeah! It happened! I was still digging sugar out from down my shirt hours after. But, it was funny! 😉

Is this not the cutest birthday card EVER?! (No, it was not my birthday- I got it for one of my coworkers)

It's a Mickey birthday!
It’s a Mickey birthday!

And this… so so so true

Every time! Every single time!
Every time! Every single time!

Oh, and one more thing…

Guess who just signed up for the Route 66 Marathon?! That’d be THIS girl! 🙂

Questions of the day

Saturday plans?

For those of you that run with your dog… collar or harness? type of leash?

3 thoughts on “Great day for a not so great run

  1. I didn’t get to run yesterday bc it was FREAKING cold up here in VA! And it wasn’t the cold…it was the WIND! NOT prepared! So, I opted for a swim, which was short because we had all the kids!
    Monday….back at it! I feel it in my system that my body hasn’t like that I haven’t run or exercised since Wednesday! 😝
    Plus…being off track with my normal schedule (bc of Va-Cay)…ugh! And I normally do run while on va-cay, but that weather threw me!!
    When’s your marathon??


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