What I Ate Wednesday

Good evening and happy Wednesday!

Thanks for joining me for this special what-I-ate-Wednesday (WIAW) post! I was first introduced to this new trend last week when Paleo Running Momma featured it on her blog. It’s a fun new thing people are doing to document their food for the day. 

Knowing that I was going to be doing this special post I tried to be extra good with my food choices; I made it all the way to lunch! 😉

So let’s get started…

For breakfast I enjoyed a cup of Dark Magic coffee from the Keurig at the office. I don’t care what kind of coffee I drink as long as I can sweeten it. (Side note: the Keurig is the greatest invention of all time)! 

I then grabbed a Suja Juice Berry Goodness and my baggie of grapes. This juice was very tasty and actually had more of a smoothie-like consistency to it; this one was tastier than the others I’ve had this week because it’s primarily fruit though. I mentioned in a previous post that I like to make my juice two-thirds veggie to one-third fruit. 

A Berry good Berry juice and some grapes on the side
A Berry good Berry juice and some grapes on the side

For lunch, I had intended to eat the ginormous salad I made last night, but by time lunch rolled around I was just kind of looking to get out of the office for a bit. The IT guys and I went over to the Chinese buffet in town. Yeah, I know! I didn’t go as crazy as I could have that’s for sure, but how good can you be at the buffet…?

Chinese buffet plate 1
Chinese buffet plate 1

In between lunch and dinner I had a few Lifesaver mints, my fortune cookie from lunch (which I wasn’t able to enjoy at the restaurant), and a little baggie of honey roasted mixed nuts.

Honey roasted mixed nuts from Costco
Honey roasted mixed nuts from Costco

For dinner I enjoyed the salad I had intended to eat for lunch. It was still as tasty as ever and super filling. Today’s salad included: romaine lettuce, an apple, an orange, grapes, feta cheese, chia seeds, croutons, and mango salsa with a sprinkling of pink salt.

Lunch salad for dinner!
Lunch salad for dinner!

Throughout the day I drank water (not as much I typically do), and with lunch I had a Diet Coke.

Question of the day

What’s your WIAW?

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Your food looks great! I love Suja juices. My favorite is the mango one! Yesterday I had an orange & pineapple smoothie that was really good! Other than that, my food was pretty boring 😉


  2. hmmm…

    As you know… I started with oatmeal for S’bux with blueberries and coffee 🙂
    In between snack- Smart blueberry bar and a Halo
    For lunch…my standard salad (mixed greens – spinach, kale, arugula; cucumber, black olives, fiesta mix corn -corn, black beans, onions, red peppers; Balsamic vinagrette dressing and my FAV fried onions!!!!)
    Snack- 2 halos and I hate to admit it…those new cheez its that are like chips!! OMG
    Dinner- even more embarrasing…chinese food!


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