Running mantra, learning to be present, and a juice I didn’t like

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I was reading the March issue of Runner’s World the other day, and there was a great article about Lauren Fleshman. Talk about awesome! In it she talks about her running mantra and it really stuck with me: “run the mile you’re in”. That’s so true and so simple, and yet it can be so easy to lose sight of. In yoga, we are taught to be present. You can’t dwell on the past, and always anticipate the future.

Come to think of it, this is one of my absolute favorites…

Seriously?! How beautiful is that…? (The image is pretty too)! Image source:

Yesterday was a pretty average day for me, which was nice. For breakfast I had a cup of coffee followed by Suja Juice Uber Greens.

Suja's Uber Greens.
Suja’s Uber Greens.

I wasn’t crazy about this juice; in fact, I think I prefer the Beets one from the other day over this. Mighty Greens is still my favorite!

For lunch, the company got us Chili’s. I opted for Burger Bites with fries and a side salad with a light vinaigrette dressing on the side (because that was the least I could do, right?). After work the Boy and I headed over to Costco for dinner and a quick supply run. I spent the rest of the night researching marathon training plans (t’s almost that time again…) and catching up on some work.

I’m keeping this post short, as I will be checking in with a special What I Ate Wednesday post later today.

Questions of the day

Which magazines do you read?

Do you have a mantra you live by?

10 thoughts on “Running mantra, learning to be present, and a juice I didn’t like

  1. I love that mantra! I’m always reminding myself to live in the present… so important!
    My favorite magazines are Fitness and Self. 🙂

    Are you signed up to run a marathon?


  2. Marathon training?? WHOA!!! I’m not worthy to follow you….

    of course…I am faithful to Triathlete and Runner’s World (occasionally I have this fantasy of being an AWESOME runner, so I read it!! )

    i started running with music again, which I never really liked in the first place. But I started back when I didn’t have anyone to run/converse with and I have found that I am concentrating a little more on the “mile”. Not really checking my pace (BAD habit) or my miles (ANOTHER bad habit), just enjoying the run.


    • Haha! Don’t be silly! My marathon pace is very (very) slow. 😉

      And, don’t worry, I totally have that same fantasy!

      I always listened to music when I was running solo, and then stopped while the Boy and I were training last year…even though he listened to music/podcasts.


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