Happy Anniversary to me, Monday errands, and talk about the cutest day ever!

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Whoo whee Monday sure was a day! Not bad, and not great. Things got off to a rocky start when I was abruptly woken up much earlier than I’d like when one of the girls set off the alarm in her office (I manage all the alarms and user codes). It’s nothing she did intentionally- I’m just really not a morning person. 😉

That, on top of the yucky rain that made me late for my 9:00 in Lakeland, just had me feeling rushed. I don’t like feeling rushed! So, by time I got to Plant City I just was not a happy camper..and a bit snappy. 😦

I knew I needed to quickly feed the beast! I threw together a salad, and enjoyed that while catching up on some reading- I will often work through my lunch, but today I just needed a few minutes. Today’s salad included: romaine lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, chia seeds, croutons, and fried onions (thanks for the tip Angie).

(UPDATE: this salad also includes a packet of Hickory Smoked tuna.)

Tasty lunch!
Tasty lunch!

My Monday became a whole lot better when I was reminded it was my 3-year (work) anniversary..and if that wasn’t good enough I was also surprised with a nice new raise! 🙂

Happy Anniversary to me!
Happy Anniversary to me!

There was lots to do Monday night, so I rushed to the gym after work and got in a super quick super good ab workout and then ran a quick mile on the treadmill. I really want to start being more conscious of my speed and trying to improve it. I’m pretty sure I got in close to a 9:00 minute mile (maybe even a sub), BUT… I didn’t realize that the treadmills at my new gym don’t separate out the actual workout from the cool-down in the summary. Sadness! But, that’s okay…I’ll get ’em next time!

And yes! I realize I am a slow runner, but you know what? A six-minute mile is just as far as a twelve-minute mile. Hah! I keep telling myself that to keep away the tears. Kidding!

On the agenda for Monday night was (yes, of course) a Costco trip and a couple other small errands. I really should have taken a pic of my car after everything was loaded up- it was definitely a sight to see. We (as in the Boy and I) needed things, and I had of list of items to secure for one of the offices as well. Since I worked out AND since it was a special day after all, we shared a swirl frozen yogurt. Yum!

The Boy however, is not a good bunny… Look at all that salad he left.

The Boy just had his fill of lettuce, I suppose.
The Boy just had his fill of lettuce, I suppose.

He’s beginning to feel better, and beginning to get his normal appetite back, so at least that is good.

To round things out, I have a few random thoughts to share…

OMG! Monday was #nationalpuppyday! Is that not the cutest day ever?!?!

In honor of Puppy Day, here’s Smokey…

Not a great pic, but this captures so well my crazy pup!
Not a great pic, but this captures so well my crazy pup!

I’m really digging this jam these days

Questions of the day

How was your Monday?

Any random thoughts you’d like to share?

Do you have a puppy? Tell me about ’em!

7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me, Monday errands, and talk about the cutest day ever!

  1. Raises are always nice 🙂 lol and congrats on the work anniversary.! Glad your “boy” is feeling better also, I know how that can be, sort of feels like you’re sick also when your significant other is.
    I do have a puppy.! darn now I’m bummed that I forgot to feature her on my blog yesterday. She’s an Eskipoo, American Eskimo, Poodle mix. haha.


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