I was bad but it’s good we have a new round of awesome and random Facebook saves

Happy Saturday!

Oh Saturday, how I have missed you.

I have a new random and awesome things of my Facebook saves folder to share, but first…

I was super bad this morning. Mostly because I slept all the way through it. I didn’t wake up till 1:00 this afternoon. I realize it’s not that bad, but it’s made worse by the fact that the Boy is not feeling well and at work today. 😦

I’m enjoying a cup of coffee now while talking with you. I have a juice recipe in mind for lunch that I will be sure to share with you tomorrow.

Yesterday was a super day to end the work week on. I stopped to get gas on my way in to the office, as my boss was going to have to borrow my car for the day and I wanted to make sure he had plenty to get by on. I’m so nice like that! 😉 I stopped at Wawa and decided to grab some breakfast; I opted for the egg while veggie omelette and it was really really good.

Breakfast omelette
Breakfast omelette

For lunch, I went out with our in-house IT guys. They are a great group of guys and really fun to be around. We went to Wasabi in Plant City and we all had the sushi and sashimi combo. The miso soup, ginger salad, and sushi were all great; I guess I’m just not as big of a fan of sashimi as I would like. It tasted fine, but the texture eventually starts to get to me- it just gets chewy and kind of fluffy in a way, which starts to freak me out. 🙂 Lunch was not cheap either. I don’t think I’ll be going back there anytime soon because that combo ended up costing me 21 bucks after tip. For lunch that is crazy! Yes I’m cheap and I don’t care.

Salad and soup at Wasabi
Salad and soup at Wasabi
Sushi and Sashimi combo
Sushi and Sashimi combo

I got home from work and the Boy was just crashed. He’s not been feeling well and luckily was off from work from Friday as he not-so-luckily has to work today. Nothing was sounding good to him for dinner except pizza. We order pizza, bread, and a chef salad from Hungry Howie’s. I find it so surprising how tasty their salads are…and reasonable.

Chef Salad from Hungry Howie's
Chef Salad from Hungry Howie’s

We ended our night watching more than a few episodes of Breaking Bad. Season 5 is so intense and stressful and GOOD. But…something has been bugging me for the past couple seasons- it’s just getting more and more obvious and I can’t figure out why, luckily I’m not the only one curious…

Phew! I'm not the only one
Phew! I’m not the only one

Drumroll please…

Awesome and Random things of my Facebook Saved Folder- Round 2

The Office Pet Peeves Tournament

32 Incredibly Beautiful Elopements You Have To See– Number 15 ❤

19 Frustrating Things Today’s Kids Will Never Experience– Haha! It’s so true! Number 14! That was the worst!

8 Habits of Highly Productive People

Data geniuses have figured out what the ultimate U.S. road trip looks like

31 Times You Felt Like Grey’s Anatomy Understood You Better Than Anyone 

This Is What A Cup Of Tea Looks Like In 22 Different Countries

These Three Friends Just Won The Internet. When You See Their Adorable Photos, You’ll Know Why

The Clooney Effect

Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Throwing Down As Cinderella In This “Princess Rap Battle”– Okay, this is pretty awesome!

Questions of the day

What time did you wake up?

Do you use your Facebook save folder?

What’s the most random thing in it?

10 thoughts on “I was bad but it’s good we have a new round of awesome and random Facebook saves

  1. I have never heard of those restaurants you mentioned.!! like Hungry Howie’s. geezz guess there really is a big difference in different areas of the country.
    but anyways.. sushi sounds amazing right now. and an omelet does too. ha guess I’m just hungry.
    I use my facebook save folder.! I just started to, and I haven’t figured it all out just yet.. but right now the most random thing in is “Why Emotional Eating is often a cry for pleasure” haha


  2. Sometimes it’s so nice to sleep that late!! I was up at 7:00 for a race but I plan on sleeping in tomorrow. Love all the food in this post!!


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