Wake up to juice and shop til you drop

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Thursday already?!?! It feels like it was just Thursday! Boy, I like this week flying by like this.

Yesterday, I worked from the house for a bit before making my breakfast juice. I tried a variation of Kristina’s Soulshine Juice. Unlike last time I used no limes, and I also added in a large handful of spinach. It was much better than the first Soulshine I made.

What you’ll need:

  • 5 small Pink Lady apples
  • 1 lemon
  • 5 celery stalks
  • 1 Cucumber
  • Half Head of Romaine
  • 1 Head of Kale
  • and for fun, 1 large handful baby spinach


  • Place all ingredients in juicer
  • Pour juice through sifter to remove any “clumps”
  • and, enjoy!
Juice! It's what's for breakfast!
Juice! It’s what’s for breakfast!

After making my breakfast, I headed over to my parents house to pick up mom and then we made our way out to Winter Haven.

Her (neurologist) appointment was at 1:30, and we were out by 3:00. We left there with not a lot of answers…and by that, I mean zero. 😦 But!!! She told me as we were on our way to the appointment that the USF clinic called her back and said that they were able to squeeze her in on March 30th (which is way better than the June appt they initially tried to schedule). Even though she already had this appt, she was smart and went ahead and accepted the USF appt just in case the WH doctor doesn’t work out, or in the case of a “second opinion” being in order.

The Winter Haven appt was with a neurologist, but it seems this neurologist thinks my mom should have only been referred to a neurosurgeon. He didn’t even look at her MRI results. 😦 But, it’ll all be okay…she’s a fighter and the 30th will be here before you know it.

When we left the doctor, we were both super hungry as we didn’t get a chance to grab lunch prior to the appt. We also decided that the Orlando outlet mall was close enough and made Wednesday an impromtu shopping day.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at a fast food joint, where I had the first of two not-so-healthy meals for the day. I also decided this was the perfect time to clean out my purse. This isn’t weird, right…?

Hey there, clementine!
Hey there, clementine!

Speaking of weird things…how weird is this…? I saw a man walking around with his phone attached to one of those selfie sticks. No! Not taking selfies. He was holding his phone, texting, and the selfie stick was just there. It was interesting!

I love people watching, and it’s always so much better when you are in close proximity to large tourist attractions (10 minutes from Disney). Either they were having some major luggage sales that I completely missed, or these people were just really stocking up today. Haha!

My goal today was shorts and a bikini. I ended up with 2 pairs of shorts, some “weekend” pants, and some board shorts for the Boy. I put back a $30 dress that I could have worn both on the cruise and to work because I felt I “didn’t need it” and figured I’d save the money. And yet, I spent $30 at Oakley buying pants I can only wear outside of work. Hmm… Priorities! 😉

Starbucks, Nautica, trashcan...?
Starbucks, Nautica, trashcan…?
New clothes!
New clothes!

I really don’t enjoy shopping anymore, but this was a lot of fun. It made for a great mom/daughter date!

Today though, I’m getting back on track! Bikini season here I come…

Questions of the day

Last great mom/daughter or dad/daughter date you had?

Outlet malls: yay or nay?

Do you have a favorite store?

7 thoughts on “Wake up to juice and shop til you drop

  1. How can shopping not be a great day! Enjoyed spending time with my “Princess”! Too bad our “timer” couldn’t be with us (wait we would have been home a lot earlier)!


  2. You should have taken a pic of the guiy with the selfie stick. haha. that would have been awesome.!
    Sorry about not getting any answers on your moms situation :/ that’s gotta be frustrating.. but sounds like you two still had a good day together. My mom and I have like never had a mother daughter day. Last time we hung out we hung out with my dad also..but it was still lots of fun.! we really should do a just us day though. 🙂


    • I won’t lie…I REALLY wanted a pic of the selfie guy. He walked by so fast, and from where I was sitting there was just no doing so without it being completely obvious.
      You totally should do a mom/daughter day! You could even just go get your nails done- that’s always nice! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I do ALOT with my Mom, as she lives about 30 min from me in Ruskin. Shopping….outlet or not..our favorite pastime!! 🙂

    RIght now…I am LOVING Loft! They have such great sales!! But don’t even get me started on what I like to buy online!! OH…and Stitch Fix is my new obsession, too!

    Glad you had a great day with your Mom!


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