The good and bad of eating and hey it’s Friday

Good morning and happy Friday!

It sure has been a week! No complaints- just a special kind of week. Haha!

Yesterday was the first day this week that I didn’t feel like my head was spinning out of control. And, I think we finally fixed all the major issues we were experiencing with the gmail to outlook switch. Whoo!

I was bad yesterday… instead of having breakfast, I grabbed a second cup of coffee. Not happy about either of those facts, but I’m working on it. For lunch, I was super proud of myself because I turned down not one, but two invites…one of which being chicken wings! That may not sound like much, but this girl loves her some chicken wings. Instead, I stuck with my raw tray of fruit. Still tasty and delicious!


The Boy and I decided to get pizza for dinner. Yeah, I know but, did I tell you my lunch was healthy?! 😉

I realized today how quickly our cruise is coming up. I’m so excited for this vacation, but I really need to get in planning mode. I’m a big planner- especially with things that take me out of element. I mean, I made our pre-marathon dinner reservations 8 months in advance, booked our hotel 6 months in advance, and packed every single thing I thought could be wanted/needed for the marathon weekend.

My bags for marathon weekend. Please note: we stayed in the hotel one night, and Disney is 45 minutes from our house. Some might call me crazy; I prefer prepared.


What is crazy though, is how fast I blew through Grey’s Anatomy. The Boy works one or two nights a week ann an occasional Saturday shift. On those days, it’s ME time-I will go shopping, grab lunch with my girlfriends, or watch girly TV or movies. I always like to have a guilty pleasure show on hand- a show that the Boys wouldn’t really be interested in. Over the summer I started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I usually always pick shows that have ended because I don’t like cliffhangers; I didn’t realize Grey’s was still on. And I watched 10 seasons of 24 episodes each very very quickly. So… last night I was able to watch the new season 11 episode as it aired on ABC. For a normal normal person this is all fine and dandy, but for me I can’t handle cliffhangers so we’ll see how this goes. It should be interesting!

And, here’s some randomness to end things on. Is anyone loving this song as much as I am? It seems I just can’t get enough of it!

Questions of the day
Were you bad with any of your meals yesterday?

What shows are you into?

—In addition to Grey’s Anatomy, the Boy and I watch Breaking Bad, Community, Mad Men, and I started re-watching Friends now that it’s on Netflix.

3 thoughts on “The good and bad of eating and hey it’s Friday

  1. I looove ME time. I rarely get it, besides my runs. and I’ve heard great things about Greys Anatomy.. just don’t know if I want to commit to something I might be addicted to. haha
    yupp. so bad about my meals yesterday. I had pizza also.! but you didn’t do so bad. that’s a good place to start, one healthy meal a day, slow into it.


    • Agreed! Once I get lunch under control, I’ll start working on breakfast. I’m actually going to pickup some stuff to juice tomorrow at the produce stand, so we’ll see how that goes.
      And…I never meant to get addicted to Grey’s. It just kind of happened. Next time, I will make sure to investigate just how many episodes are in a season. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’ll have to post about juicing 🙂 something I want to try sometime.! Haha the good shows always do that


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