Ready for the weekend and a new smoothie for you

Happy Saturday!

After a very busy week, I could not be more ready for the weekend. Whoo! I’m looking forward to just taking it easy and relaxing.

The end of the month is always crazy at work- not so much for the department I work in, but it can be. We are migrating our work email from Gmail to Outlook this weekend, and that has keep me very busy helping the IT department get everything in order so that Monday will be as seamless as possible for all the Title staff.

Because this week has been so crazy, my gym-time has been non existent. And, even worse, I haven’t been out for a run since Gasparilla last weekend. Sadness! I’m hoping to change that today…if only the rain would stop.

Last night a bunch of the girls from the office went over to Annie’s for a Girl’s Night In party. It was a ton of fun! We had drinks, food, cupcakes, and Pure Romance. The night started with us selecting our exotic dancer names, I was Bambi Bubbles.

There's a whole lot happening here. I'm sticking out my tongue; it almost looks like I'm licking her cheek...
There’s a whole lot happening here. I’m sticking out my tongue; it almost looks like I’m licking her cheek…

I got home after midnight (way past my bedtime), and while I woke up a couple times this morning I didn’t actually get out of bed until… 1:00 in the afternoon. Somebody was tired!

I quickly threw together a green smoothie as we had to head over to my parent’s house to let Smokey out. My parents will be coming back from Pensacola tomorrow, and Bubba is working today.

Green Key Limeapple Smoothie

What you’ll need


  • Blend all ingredients and enjoy!
Green Key Limeapple Smoothie
Green Key Limeapple Smoothie

Here’s some randomness for the day… Have you ever played Akinator?! It’s the coolest thing! Well, it’s rather silly, but I’m a big dork and love it!

We’re off to the gym now. I hope you have a great Saturday!

Questions of the day

When are you busiest at work?

What are your plans for the weekend?

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