Top 10 Dream Marathons

Good morning and happy Monday!

I mentioned recently that my uncle asked me which marathon I want to run next with him, and it got me thinking… So, I share with you a list of my Top 10 Dream Marathons

10. Bay of Fundy International Marathon– I love that the course covers Canada and the US. You start and end in Maine, but you are in Canada for the majority of it. How cool is that?! Lubec, Maine (June)

Source: Bangor Daily News

9. Little Rock Marathon– This made the list for none other than the EPIC Little Rock finishers medal. If you haven’t seen these bad boys, you need to- they are massive. Little Rock, Arkansas (Feb/Mar) 

2014 Little Rock finishers medal (on right). Source: Runner’s World

8. Bank of America Chicago Marathon– Not only was Chicago the first marathon my uncle ran in, Chicago has always been my favorite city. Chicago is on my list because I can’t think of a better way to see my favorite city. Chicago, Illinois (Oct)

Source: Chicago Marathon

7. Great Wall Marathon– Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of one day walking the Great Wall. I have always been so amazed by the beauty of the structure. From what I’ve researched, it seems to be one of the most challenging courses, and I think it’ll truly make for a once in a lifetime experience.  Great Wall, Tianjin province (May)

Source: Great Wall Marathon

6. St. George Marathon– Hungry Runner Girl kept me sane and inspired during my training for WDW. Shortly after I started reading her blog she ran in St. George- that was the first I ever heard of the race. But since then, it keeps popping up and the more and more I hear about it the more excited I get. It sounds like it is a challenging course, but is regarded as one of the most scenic courses out there. St. George, Utah (Oct) 

Source: Simply St. George

5. Big Sur International Marathon– In all the marathon research I have done I have yet to see a picture of the Big Sur Marathon that makes me NOT want to immediately hop on a plane to run this majestic looking course. Big Sur, California (Aug)

Source: Big Sur International Marathon

4. Pike’s Peak Marathon– Growing up, my dad was in the military so my family moved around a lot. Colorado is where I consider home. We lived in Colorado Springs from ’97-’05 (when I graduated high school). It will always hold a special place in my heart as my home-city, as Pike’s Peak will always hold a place in my heart as my mountain– as it is the backdrop of the Springs. Everyday I would look out at this beauty and it would captivate me. Manitou Springs, Colorado (Aug)

Source: Pike’s Peak Marathon

3. Honolulu Marathon– Hawaii? Running? Hawaii? Uh…yes please! This course has participants starting and finishing on the beach. And, did I mention it’s in Hawaii? Even though I live in Florida, I am not a big beach person; I go maybe once or twice a year. But…there is something about Hawaii that makes me want to visit the gorgeous state and not ever leave the sandy beach. With the marathon ending at the beach, what better way to cool down?! Honolulu, Hawaii (Dec)

Source: IT4Biz

2. Rock ‘N Roll Marathon Las Vegas– I went to Vegas for the first time last year. And to be quite honest, never had any intention of going to Vegas, but when one of your closest friend gets married, well.. you go. I was so amazed by the city! It’s an absolute blast! And everywhere you go it’s a party! So, really…rock ‘n roll + Vegas at night = FUN FUN FUN. Sign me up! Las Vegas, Nevada (Nov)

Source: Snipview

1. Boston Marathon– C’mon, it’s Boston! How could it not end up on my list?! Qualifying for Boston is the pinnacle of distance running. I ran in my first marathon just this past January, and it sparked a fire in me to want to do more, and to be better, stronger, and faster. I’m a long way from qualifying speed, but this little dream of mine gives me something to fight for. Boston, Massachusetts (April) 

Source: Boston Athletic Association

And, just for sticks and giggles…

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon, Star Wars Half Marathon, and Disney Princess Half Marathon top my list of dream halves to run.

Question of the day

What races top your list?

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