Busy End to the Week, Bob Seger Recap, and Noises Off!

Happy Saturday! The weekend is here!

It’s been a busy couple days since I last checked in. Thursday was beyond awesome! Since we had tickets for Seger that night, I drove the Boy to work and then I worked from our South Tampa office.

I took a coworker out for a late birthday lunch and we opted to try Red Elephant Cafe. Neither one of us had ever been, but had heard good things. It ended up being a really good choice- nice size place, huge menu, and really tasty food. I chose the Elephant Burger, and my coworker got the Hearty Meat Lovers Pizza, we also shared an order of 2 Elephant Ears as a little birthday treat (for her). They were delicious but GIANT- one would have totally been enough.

Elephant Ears from Red Elephant Cafe
Elephant Ears from Red Elephant Cafe

And…also dangerous. This may have been my fault.

The messy side of Elephant Ears
The messy side of Elephant Ears

I had the cutest little office visitor after lunch.

Cutie pie breaking hearts one bouncy ball chair at a time
Cutie pie breaking hearts one bouncy ball chair at a time

And, to wrap up my Thursday work day, I totally need to give props to The Fresh Market. They totally put together an amazing gift basket, saving both my Thursday night and Friday morning, oh and…they did so in less than an hour. YES!

Before the show we stopped by one of my favorite pizza joints for dinner- Precinct Pizza in Channelside. I love their pizza but don’t get it as often as I’d like.

Precinct Pizza- YUM!
Precinct Pizza- YUM!

Bob Seger Concert Recap

The Bob Seger show at Amalie Arena was INCREDIBLE! I’ve been to my share of concerts, but this was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Seger is an absolute legend- he’s been rocking for decades and still has it. For the first time in 27 years, he played Like a Rock– it’s a song that became rather commercialized and (we) think that’s why he stopped playing it live; I’ll admit when I listen to his cd’s and that song comes on I will often skip it just because I feel I’ve heard it so much, but hearing it live…it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The lyrics to that song are beautiful, and it just freezes time. Some of my favorite tunes from the night: We’ve Got Tonight, Beautiful Loser, Her Strut, The Fire Down Below and of course Against The Wind.

Bob Seger Concert
Bob Seger Concert
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

Clare Dunn opened the show; I had never heard of her and wasn’t sure what to expect. She put on such a good performance- the Boy actually said it was one of the best opening acts he had ever seen (he’s a very tough critic). She was full of energy and passion; this was her first time playing for such a large crowd and she was so appreciative and respectful of the opportunity. I can’t wait to see all the great things she accomplishes!

Clare Dunn
Clare Dunn

Friday Night Date Night

Last night was the opening night of my friend’s new play- Noises Off presented by The Village Players at James McCabe Theatre– the Boy and I and a few of the girls from work came out with their hubby’s, so it made for a fun date night. This is the third show I’ve seen my friend in and was by far the best. My stomach literally hurts from laughing so hard. I don’t want to give too many details, but if you are in the Tampa area I highly recommend checking it out- it plays Feb. 6th – 21st Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a couple matinee offerings. Opening night is always “dinner and a show”- a very tasty dinner was donated by O’Brien’s Irish Pub.

Noises Off
Noises Off

And some randomness to end today’s post

The boy and I booked our first-ever cruise vacation. We set sail in April and cannot wait! 🙂

Speaking of exiciting…umm what?!?!

Question of the day

Do you have a favorite Seger song?

It’s hard to pick just one, but I really love ‘Wait for Me’

What are your weekend plans?

Not much on the plate this weekend. My parents and I are going over to a family friends tonight for dinner, then hoping to catch up with one of my girlfriends tomorrow.

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