Happy Things All Around

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

There are a lot of things making me happy this week…

Things bringing me joy

Nutribullet– Even though my Tuesday schedule had me out on the road all day so I didn’t feel it wise to bring a smoothie cup along that would just sit around unwashed until I got home, I am loving my Nutribullet lately. This thing is a such a beast!

Planet Fitness– I have a lime card membership at YouFit, and up until this point thought that it was the greatest thing around. I went to Planet Fitness with some of the girls from work this week, and oh boy, am I missing out. For the same price I pay at YouFit, I could be getting unlimited tanning (yes, I know), unlimited hydromassage bed use, and this weird looking full-body-workout contraption thing that I can’t wait to try and figure out what it does. 😉 I’ll be going again tonight as a guest, but I am seriously contemplating joining.

Kohl’s Cash– I have no idea why but this makes me oh so happy.

8 Minute Abs– This video is rather dated, but REALLY good. I used to do 200 sit-ups a night, and this kicked my butt.

New Shoes– Yay! Let’s do the new shoes dance! Clark’s was having an awesome sale so…I went a little crazy.

Source: Cupcakes & Miles
Source: Cupcakes & Miles

Bob Seger– the Boy and I love Seger! We can’t wait to see him in concert Thursday night. The boy has seen him before, but I haven’t yet. So stoked!!!

Disney– We received the coolest little keepsake in the mail this week to commemorate our Marathon Weekend. Now I just need the perfect frame to put Mickey in.

Source: Cupcakes & Miles
Source: Cupcakes & Miles

Strawberries– One of our vendors brought in two pallets of fresh-from-the-field Plant City (FL) strawberries. You don’t get any better than Plant City strawberries. YUM!

This Video– OMG! It’s been out for couple months but I just can’t seem to get enough. I will serious play it over and over again.

And, of course… Running– I registered for the February 21st Gasparilla 5k. I’m really excited for this as it will be the first race where I really try and focus on my time goal. I’ll be running with my brother and his girlfriend, and our team name is Gingervitis. I didn’t come up with that one, but it’s cute isn’t it?

Question of the day
What’s making you happy?

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