Dr checkup and some yummy things

Good morning and happy Friday…finally, huh?!

Yesterday I had my appt at Florida Ortho to have my knee looked at; turns out it really comes down to my IT Band being the culprit of the pain and discomfort. I’m going back first thing this morning to get fitted with fancy insoles for my running shoes (so fancy that they have to be heat molded). The doctor also recommended a few sessions of therapy- my first session will be next Thursday- and a lot of foam rolling.

I don’t have to take time off or anything; I just really need to be better about strength training and foam rolling. I’m feeling good so I agreed to run the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5k on Feb. 21st with my brother. I’m excited! I like having this goal. You know…it’s something to work hard for. I’m going to take this as my first opportunity to start working towards my timing hopes.

For breakfast I did try a new smoothie recipe, but I was so fixated on getting to my appt 30 minutes early that I forgot to write down the ingredients and take a picture of it. Sad faces! What’s even worse is that I was not able to finish it all before I went into the clinic and the appt took forever (as they tend to do) so by time I got back to the car it was not drinkable.

We met up with my parents for dinner- East Coast pizza. It was yummy of course, but I was really looking forward to to a repeat of my fabulous Wednesday dinner of sweet potato, yogurt, and apple chips. There’s always tonight! After dinner we ran over to Sam’s as my mom was needing to borrow my membership to order a cake for this weekend.

It was leg day at the gym- that’s always my favorite! But first, I started with some treadmill walking and caught up on my current read Quick Strength for Runners.

I ended the day with a cup of raspberry Noosa Yoghurt. Prior to trying Noosa, I was worried I wouldn’t like it; I tend to be rather funny when it comes to yogurt. I can safely say, I do like it! It has this Greek-ish taste to it, but not like actual Greek yogurts, and it just has a nice texture and flavor- I could do without the fruit on the bottom, but overall I think I’ll definitely buy it again. Yay!

Question of the day
Favorite type of yogurt?

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