Costco and its’ treasure trove of warehouse goodness and a great quote to inspire you

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Yesterday wasn’t too terribly exciting, but it was a good day. Work kept me busy and then the Boy and I had a thrilling Costco Night Fun Night date night. Those are my favorite kinds of date nights! It’s actually kind of weird… I have and want zero kids and yet my two favorite places in the whole entire world scream soccer mom, and they are: 1) Walt Disney World and 2) Costco. Yeah…I know. It’s weird.

Eatin’ healthy at Costco 😉
About to run through Cinderella’s Castle @ WDW Marathon

On my awesome Costco trip I procured: bananas, more sweet potatoes than one girl reasonably needs to eat, Noosa yogurt (super excited to try this- will review it on an upcoming post), Dannon yogurt (that I realized was Greek Dannon yogurt as I was putting it in fridge at home-no worries there, as you’ll remember I like Greek yogurt ), and giant romaine lettuce hearts so I can continue to make the most delicious salads EVER for lunch. Yeah! It was a good night. 🙂

My coworker mentioned this Henry Ford quote, and it has really stuck with me. We should all aspire to be great and live a life full of quality!

Source: Simple Life Strategies

Questions of the day
What did you buy on your last Costco trip?
How many of those items were NOT on your list?
What kick-butt quote do you live by?

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