Great Things Happening This Week

Happy Thursday!

I don’t know what it is about this week, but things have been GOOD! I just love that!

Work-wise things have been crazy busy. By day, I work as Executive Assistant to the CEO of a large title insurance agency and oversee all in-house marketing. The title industry is experiencing a number of “changes” this year, which has us (to put it lightly) working very hard. 😉 I kid you not, I worked 15 hours on Tuesday and hardly felt like I made a dent. But!!! It’s been crazy good. I don’t know… I’m not gonna question it; I’ll just continue to enjoy it.

I’m also loving Maroon 5’s latest video for “Sugar”. I’m not the biggest Maroon 5 fan (I mean I can sit and stare at Adam Levine, don’t get me wrong), but this video (and song) is really cute. The video shows them crashing real weddings (somewhat staged- but much to the bride’s surprise), all around it’s just a fun video. Have you checked it out?

I like and follow Humans of New York (HONY) on Facebook- and truth be told LOVE it! This week there was a post featuring a young boy from a not-so-good neighborhood fortunate enough to have an incredible role model in his life- his school principal. Just hearing about this boy talk about her was awe-inspiring. But…HONY took it a step further, found the principal, met with her, and toured the school. This amazing woman is such an inspiration to her students and staff and is exactly what today’s youth need to guide them. Click here to see the boy’s story and here and here for the principal’s and here for the AWESOME fundraiser HONY started to fund annual school trips to Harvard- so these kids can see what can be accomplished with a little hard work and determination.

It just makes my heart happy!

Happy Heart

Question of the day

What’s making you smile today?

2 thoughts on “Great Things Happening This Week

  1. That video was so amazing! I 💜 Maroon 5. And so glad to hear that everything is going so great for you. This is going to be a great year for everyone can’t wait. And there are so many things that make me happy but a few I can always count on would have to be: Uptown funk-ft Bruno Mars- this song always makes me smile and want to dance and of course just coming home to my little family (amber and our dogs)
    Love Ya cousin and good luck!!


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